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Generally speaking, soccer betting consists of Asian Handicap and European 1x2 Betting.

Asian Handicap is originated from Asian betting. It is a form of betting that creates a more balanced betting environment between two mismatched competing teams by giving a "handicap" to the teams before kick-off. Furthermore, it converts home win(1), draw(x) or away win(2) into two outcomes by eliminating the draw outcome. Meanwhile, they each signify “Odds” to stand for rate of return on investment.

1x2 Betting, as known as fixed-odds betting or European odds, just as its name implies is popular in Europe. It means the odds of win, draw and defeat between two teams. If the result that you waged is in line with the actual outcome, then you may receive a sum of money which is the wage multiply odd then minus the wage itself. For example, Team A versus Team B, the 1x2 odds of this match is win(1.49), draw(3.58) and defeat (5.30). If you wager 100 dollars on Team A to be the winner and they did win the match, then 100 multiply by 1.49 makes 149. However, you only receive 49 dollars because the principal is subtracted. And if you wager 100 dollars on Team B to be the winner and they did win the match, then 100 multiply by 5.30 makes 530. After taking away the principal, you may get 430 dollars.

Asian handicap is rather more intricate in comparison with the 1x2 odds. Firstly, you need to understand the difference between the Favorite and the Underdog.

Asian handicap is a type of betting in which teams are normally handicapped according to strengths, injuries and other factors such as home and away field, so that a more balanced betting environment is created. And herein a goal deficit is given to the “Favorite”, which is the team more likely to win, while the other would be the “Underdog”, which is the weaker side.

  • 0 Handicap
  • Half Goal Handicap
  • Full Goal Handicap
  • Split Asian Handicaps
  • Handicap Table


In addition, please be advised that the handicapped side would be the Favorite, no matter the team is the home side or the away side.

E.g.: Chelsea(+0/0.5) vs Manchester City
The visitors Manchester City would be the Favorite because they receive a goal deficit.